January  2014
01/12/2014  Where the Law is Lost, So is the Gospel Romans 3:31 Video (mp4)
01/19/2014  In Christ We Go From Rags to Riches  1 Corinthians 1:4-9 Video (mp4)
01/26/2014  It's all about the Name  Luke 2:21 Video (mp4)
 February 2014
02/02/2014  We Are Grateful to God for the Many Wonderful Christian Mothers  1Samuel 1:27-28 Video (mp4)
02/09/2014  They Were Going Through the Motions  Isaiah 58:6-9 Video (mp4)
02/16/2014  God's Generosity May Seem Unfair  Matthew 20:1-15 Video (mp4)
02/23/2014  They Have No Root  Luke 8:6,13 Video (mp4)
 March 2014
03/02/2014  Jesus Is God  Matthew 17:2 Audio (mp3)
03/09/2014  Jesus Withstood Temptation For Us  Matthew 4:1 Audio (mp3)
03/16/2014  It's A Promise!   Genesis 12:1-3 Audio (mp3)
03/23/2014  All of Us By Nature Are Demon Possessed  Luke 11:14 Video (mp4)
03/30/2014  Have You Heard What the Law of God Says  Galatians 4:21 Video (mp4)
 April 2014
04/13/2014  The Lord Has Need of You  Matthew 21:1-3 Video (mp4)
04/20/2014  The Risen Christ Is The Cure For Troubled Hearts  Luke 24:36-40
Audio (mp3)
04/27/2014  I Know that My Redeemer Liveth  Job 19:23-27 Video (mp4)
 May 2014
05/04/2014  Jesus Is the Door by Which We Enter Heaven  John 10:9 Audio (mp3)
05/11/2014  It Is Of The Lord's Mercies That We Are Not Consumed  Lamentations 3:19-22 Audio (mp3)
05/18/2014  How Do We Become Righteous?  John 16:8-11 Audio (mp3)
05/25/2014  Christians Need Fear Nothing  1 Peter 3:22 Audio (mp3)